Breaking the news

Destination weddings are growing in popularity but the subject of sitting your family down and telling them your decision to wed overseas can often be a bit of a sticky subject, and it goes without saying that not everyone will be pleased to hear your news.

Pre warn family and friends

All families are different and only you know how they are likely to react to your news. Close family members are naturally those you want on your side first (especially if they are contributing financially to the wedding) so it might be a wise and polite move to share your plans with them before dropping the bombshell on other guests. A good way of doing this is to hold a dinner party for close family members and then break the news to them. This gives them the chance to voice their opinions, raise any queries, and generally understand your reasons for wanting a destination wedding. At the end of the day, they should be happy for you and view it as an adventure which they can be a part of. It's a time when you both need to be strong, since it may be the case that not everyone who is important to you, will be able to be present. Another plus of telling immediate family first is that forewarned means they can be your first point of defence for any awkward questions from difficult relatives.

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Send out save the date cards and a letter

Once you have a wedding date and destination arranged then send out save the date cards together with a letter to the family and friends you would like to attend your wedding. The letter can explain such things as the reason for you getting married abroad; explain how you imagine your wedding to be and that you want it to be a relaxing and fun day; what day the wedding is to be held; and how long you will be at the destination. You could put together a small wedding pack giving them some information on the destination, prices of flights, and suggestions for accommodation. You can also explain that you understand they may not be able to attend because of the expense or getting time off work, and that you won't think any the less of them if they are unable to be there. Tell them that you are planning to hold a party for everyone once you return home and that formal invitations will be sent out nearer the time. As part of our service we organise and design save a date invitations for you.

Send out official invitations

Nearer to the date of the wedding (approximately six months) we recommend to send out the official wedding invitations with the concise details of when, where, and at what time the ceremony and reception are to be held.

Hold an informal celebration party on your return

Upon your return you can send out party invitations inviting a much wider guest list to come and celebrate your having got married. It gives you another opportunity of showing off your dress and celebrating with family and friends, without having to worry about breaking the news to them of your intended destination wedding.


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