19 Amazing Destination Wedding Invitation Ideas

A destination wedding provides so many options for amazing themed invites. We’ve picked 19 of the most beautiful styles to inspire you as you plan for your wedding.

Lonely Planet Book


Image via AprilTwentyFive on Etsy

Lonely Planet is instantly recognisable to any traveller, so it’s the perfect way to tell your guests about your destination wedding. Inside you can share information on the location, just like you’d find in a guide book.

Boarding Pass


Image via Southbound Bride

There’s nothing more exciting than finally receiving your boarding pass for a long awaited holiday. Replicate this feeling for your guests by sending them a boarding pass invite, including all the information on which airport your guests should book flights to. You could even make an RSVP card out of the ticket stub.

Flight Path


Image via Little Flamingo

This cute map design looks great with the flight path showing where you’ll be travelling from and to. Inside are passport style stamps with the destination of the wedding written in the middle and the names of the couple around the circle. 

Beach Wedding Invite


Image via katleminvitations on Etsy

If you’re travelling to a beachy destination, these invites capture the tropical feel and will no doubt have your guests searching for their snorkelling gear and dreaming of sipping cocktails on the beach as soon as they receive it.

Modern Map


Image via 100 Layer Cake

This modern graphic design of a map is beautiful, and whilst it looks stunning in black and white, it could also be customised if the colour theme of your wedding is otherwise.



Image via Southbound Bride

This old school suitcase, complete with paper airplane, makes a real statement to those you’re inviting. We love the words used, too - ‘Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love, we invite you to share in the beginning of our new life together as we exchange marriage vows.’ 



Image via TenThirteenDesign

Not only does a passport fit the travel theme perfectly, it offers lots of pages inside for you to fill the guests in on the plans for the wedding, how to get there, and accommodation options. Many couples also choose to include photos inside a passport invite.



Image via Zazzle

The blue, white, and red airmail theme is another instantly recognisable symbol of travel. This invite also features a world map with a tiny heart over the wedding’s location.

Vintage Airmail


Image via SouthBound Bride

A more vintage take on the airmail theme, these invites look amazing tied together with the red, blue and white string.

Paper Airplane


Image via Zed and Bee

These paper airplane invites make use of the airmail colours, as well as being a perfect way to symbolise that it’s time for your guests to book a flight.

Hot Air Balloon


Image via The Wedding Specialist

Show your guests that ‘love is in the air’ with a gorgeous hot air balloon design. These invites fold out horizontally to reveal more of the picture.

Vintage Postcards


Image via LetterBoxInk on Etsy

These beautiful vintage postcards show the guests the location of the wedding, whilst also providing RSVP cards. As you’ll start to receive these regularly, it’ll add to your excitement about travelling to the destination you have chosen.

Luggage Tags


Image via MagpieAndMax on Etsy

Beautiful luggage tags depicting a map of where the wedding will be held make a lovely way to inform your loved ones of where you’ll be going.

Nautical Invite


Image via Brit & Co

These nautical wedding invites feature the wedding date on the anchor and initials of the engaged couple inside a rope heart.

Postage Invite


Image via Bespoke Press

The monogram on the front of this invite is inspired by a postage mark, which has been blind impressed for a tactile and old world feel.

Passport Stamps


Image via A Day in May

A couple who loves to travel can display the places that have been important to them as passport stamps, with the final destination of the wedding on the inside.

Travel Book


Image via Iceland Wedding Planner

This beautiful invite has everything - the vintage map on the cover, the passport, luggage tags, boarding passes, checklist and you can even include a story inside.



Image via Hummingbird Hall

Tell your guests that it’s time to pack their bags with a suitcase shaped invite. More details of the wedding can be included inside.

Message In A Bottle


Image via Mospen Studio

A message in a bottle can deliver the good news to your family and friends in style, whilst also getting them excited to travel to your beach destination.

These beautiful options for destination invites are sure to get your creative juices flowing. You can tailor any of these to suit you as a couple and your specific destination. Happy planning!



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